Who’s Who

Mara French – Music Chair. Senior. The “sensitive” (or jealous) one. Can be tough on freshman. Dates Rob Mackey and makes sure everyone knows it.

Asher Sutherland – Social Media Chair. Senior. Has over 5,000 followers. The “manipulative” one. Has hair that smells like coconut and perfect. Phone rings every two minutes.

Sue Cameron – Community Chair. Sophomore class. Cheerleader. Quintessential blond. Knows everyone in the community. Heads charity events.

Carmen Banks – Fashion Chair. Junior class. Mom is a clothing buyer. Has dark skin and green eyes. Who gets blessed with this coloring? Wardrobe to die for.

Amanda Betancourt – Contact Chair. The bitch. Sophomore class. Hair always in a half pony tail. Dimples that can be deceiving. Can destroy your reputation with one email blast.

Rachel Whitley – Beauty Chair. Junior class. Pedigreed and polished. Comes from old money. Uses things like soy-based face wash.

Adrianna Mackey – Party Chair. Sophomore class. Goes by “Macs.” Has two older brothers  at Saint Lawrence who happen to be the cutest boys in school. Perfect teeth.

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