Choose Your Own Adventure

The Next Chapter

For the first time ever, I will be writing a book with my fan base. I have been thinking about this concept for some time now. Mascara has a very devoted following. Fans from all over the world that are extremely invested in Jorie, Asher, Derek and the gang.

So rather than write this book in a silo and sell it, I am going to do things a bit different.

I am going to invite my super fans to write it with me. This will be a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style.

What does that mean?

It means you will get the first chapter, by private release. Then, in an exclusive closed group, you will be able to offer input as to what happens next. Week by week, I will put out a new chapter, using the suggestions of fans who love these characters – all the way until the book is done.

The deadline to be a part of the adventure from Chapter 1 is March 31st. Late joiners will have to come in at later chapters.

As far as  I know, this hasn’t be done before. If it works, we can all be a part of something rare. I look forward to writing with you.



There are three ways to pay:

The Asher | Since Asher is perfect, this package gets you early access pricing, closed group membership and ALL chapters plus a copy of the book upon completion. ($15)


The Jorie | A little self conscious? That’s okay. Pay a little less but still have access to the group and all chapters sans a printed book at the end. ($10)


The Derek | The “coolest guy in school” is always a slacker – This PPC option allows you to pay-per-chapter, matching your weekly group membership and brainstorm participation with your weekly $1 payment. ($1 weekly/20 weeks)